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Screwdriver Bits
Terminator Impact Bits

Bit Holders
Bits 1" Screwdriver Style
Bits 2 to 6"  Power Bits
Bits - All Bit Sets
Bits Stainless Steel
Bits Specialty
Bits Carbide Coated
Bits Titanium Coated

Bits Drills & Countersinks
Bits Nut Setters 2" - 12"
 Hex Tools
  Hex - Ball End Tools
Hex - Standard Tools
  Hex - Screw Holding
Hex - Security Tools
  Hex - Stainless Steel
 TORX Tools
  Torx Standard Tools
  Torx Ball Ends
Torx Plus Tools
  Torx Security Tools
Torx Screw Holding Tools
 Crimp Tools
  Porta Crimp Dies & Frame
  Ratchet Crimp Tools
  Data Pro Crimp Tools
 Stripping Tools
  Coax 2 Step Strip Tools
  Coax 3 Step Strip Tools
  Adjustable Strip Tool
  Auto Strip Tool

  Cable Jacket Stripper
 Insulated Tools
  Insulated Slotted Drivers
  Insulated Phillips Drivers
  Insulated Terminal Drivers
  Insulated Nut Drivers Inch
Insulated Nut Drivers MM
Insulated Torx Drivers
  Insulated Square Drivers
Insulated T-Handle Hex
Insulated Pliers & Cutters
  Insulated Inomic Tools
  Insulated Proturn Tools
Insulated Sets
  Insulated 1/4" Sockets
  Insulated 3/8" Sockets
  Insulated 1/2" Sockets
  Insulated Ratchets
  Insulated Knives
  Insulated Open Wrenches
  Insulated Gear Wrenches
  Insulated Deep Off Sets
  Insulated Adjustable
  Insulated Hex Keys
  Insulated Cable Cutters
 Stainless Steel Tools
Stainless Insert Bits
Stainless Power Bits
Stainless Screwdrivers
Stainless Hex Keys
 Premium Tool Designs
 ACO Anti Cam Out Drivers
Awls - Square & Round
BitFlip Driver Sets
Cabinet Tip Drivers
ClicFix Quick Release
Counter Sinks & Drills
Customized Tool Sets
Drills & Countersinks
 Drive-Loc VI Tools
Dynamic Tech Drivers
 ESD Safe Tools
MagicRing Screw Holding
MagicTip Ring Pliers
Magnetizer Demagnetizer
Micro Bit Precision Tools
Microfinish Non Slip Grips
 Miscellaneous Tools
Precision Tech Drivers
 Precision Pouch Sets
 Precision Standard Sets
Proturn Economy Torx
Screw Holding Drivers
 Sockets & Sets
SoftFinish Cushion Grips
 Stubby Bit Holders Sets
 System 4 Precision Drivers
System 4 ProTurn
T-Handles Cushioned Grips
 T-handles Standard Grips
Torque Control Drivers
3K Ergo Screwdrivers
Topra Gearless Ratchet
 TORX Wing or Flag
X-Selector Bit Sets

Water Proof Rulers
Calipers Digital, Dial, Vern


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Screwdriver Styles
Hex Standard
Hex Ball Ends
Stainless Screwdrivers
Nut Drivers
Phillips Tools
Pozi Driv Tools
Slotted Tip Tools
Square Tip Tools
Torx Standard
Torx Ball Ends
Torx Security
Torx Plus
Tri-Wing & Torq-Set
SoftFinish Grips
Non-Slip Grips
Precision Tech  

40 Pc Industrial Set


Torque Control
iTorque Digital Torque
Economy Preset Drivers
Preset Drivers
Preset T-Handle
Adjustable Inch Lbs
Adjustable Inch Lbs
Adjustable Insulated
Adjustable Newton Meters
Torque Blades & Adapters
Torque Control Torx
Torque Control Torx Plus


Pliers & Cutters
Inomic Insulated Pliers
Standard Vinyl Grip Pliers
Precision Pliers & Cutters
ESD Pliers & Cutters
Insulated Pliers & Cutters
SoftGrip Pliers & Cutters
Retaining Ring External
Retaining Ring Internal
MagicTip Snap Ring Pliers
Pipe Wrenches

 Professional Sockets
  1/4 Drive Inch
  1/4" Drive Metric
  1/4" Accessories
  3/8" Drive Inch
  3/8" Drive Metric
  3/8" Accessories
  1/2" Drive Inch
  1/2" Drive Metric
  1/2" Accessories

  1/4" 3/8" 1/2" Bit Sockets
Dead Blow Hammers
  Dead Blow Cushion Grips
  Dead Blow Hickory
  Replacement Faces

Split Head Mallets
  Split Head Mallets
Replacement Faces
Replacement Heads
Replacement Handles
 Precision Metric Punches
  Tapered Pin Punches
  Parallel Pin Punches
  Center Punches

MaxiFlex Coolant Hose
1/4" Diameter  Hose
1/2" Diameter  Hose

Tweezers & Instruments
Cutting Tweezers
  ESD Safe Tweezers
Foil Thin Tweezers
Guide Pin Tweezers
Isolated Tweezers
Long Tweezers
Micro Tip Tweezers
Standard Tweezers
Component Tweezers
Wafer Tweezers
Self Closing Tweezers
Hooks, Probes, Shapers
Inspection Mirrors
  Open End Metric
Open End Inch
Combination Metric
Combination Inch
Box End Metric
Box End Inch
Cushion Grip Metric
Cushion Grip Inch
  Pipe Wrenches

  Insulated Open Wrenches
  Insulated Gear Wrenches
  Insulated Adjustables

  Insulated Deep Off Sets
Cutting Tools 1/4" Drive

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torx.gif (272 bytes) Torx - Ball End Long Reach L-Keys & Set torx.gif (272 bytes)

Ball End Allows 25 Angle Drive of Torx Screws
Extra Long Reach Torx L-Keys
Precision Machined Tips for exact fit & long tool life.
Made from Wiha Special CRM-72 tool steel.
Black oxide finish, through hardened, extreme durability
Machined on durable hex stock
Guaranteed Professional Quality
Made In Germany

Item # Type Tip
Add To Cart
36631 Ball End Torx Key T9 111mm
36632 Ball End Torx Key T10 121mm
36633 Ball End Torx Key T15 136mm
36634 Ball End Torx Key T20 148mm
36635 Ball End Torx Key T25 163mm
36636 Ball End Torx Key T27 170mm
36637 Ball End Torx Key T30 178mm
36638 Ball End Torx Key T40 188mm
8 Piece Set Ball End Torx L Keys
T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40
36689 ErgoStar Auto Open Ball Torx Set  

13 Piece Torx L-Key Set In Ergo Star Holder
Ball End Torx L Keys:
T9, T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45
Standard Torx Long Keys: T5, T6, T7, T8

See Ball End Torx Power Bits  

See Ball End Torx Screwdrivers

View PDF
Torx Products Catalog
40 Pages Full Color,1000 Torx Products



Ball End Torx Drivers - SoftFinish Ergo Grip

torx.gif (272 bytes) 
  Ergo Cushioned Grip and Ball End For 25 Angle Driving

• Round blade of Wiha High Performance CRM72 Tool Steel, 
• Through hardened for Maximum durability, 
• Precision machined exact fit TORX tips, 
Vapor Chrome Surface finish for extreme ware
• Ergo handle shape with SoftFinish cushion grip 
• Guaranteed Quality - Made By Wiha Germany
Item Style Torx
To Cart
36216 Ball TORX T9 4.0mm 60mm
36217 Ball TORX T10 4.0mm 60mm
36221 Ball TORX T15 4.0mm 80mm
36222 Ball TORX T20 4.0mm 80mm
36226 Ball TORX T25 4.5mm 100mm
36227 Ball TORX T27 5.5mm 115mm
36236 Ball TORX T30 6.0mm 115mm
SoftFinish Cushion Grip Ball Torx Driver
Ball TORX Set
36237 - 7 Pc. Set
T9,10, 15, 20
25, 27, & T30


View PDF
Free Torx Products Catalog
40 Pages Full Color,1000 Torx Products


Ball End TORX 2" / 50mm Power Bits
With Exact Fit Machined Tips


• Ball End For 25 Angle Driving
Precision Machined Exact Fit Tips
Natural Blasted Finish
Through hardened for Maximum Durability
WIHA High Performance CRM-72 Tool Steel
Guaranteed Quality Made by Wiha
Item # Description Type Tip Size Add To Cart
2 Piece Packs
74505 Ball End Bit TORX T9
74520 Ball End Bit TORX T10
74522 Ball End Bit TORX T15
74543 Ball End Bit TORX T20
74545 Ball End Bit TORX T25
74547 Ball End Bit TORX T27
74549 Ball End Bit TORX T30
74550 Ball End Bit TORX T40
Item # Description Type Tip Size Add To Cart
10 Piece Packs
74524 Ball End Bit TORX T9
74526 Ball End Bit TORX T10
74528 Ball End Bit TORX T15
74532 Ball End Bit TORX T20
74534 Ball End Bit TORX T25
74537 Ball End Bit TORX T27
74539 Ball End Bit TORX T30
74541 Ball End Bit TORX T40

Wiha Makes Bits!
In our Own Factories, Every Day, With Consistent Quality Control.

See Ball End Torx L-Keys

See Ball End Torx Screwdrivers

Nine Styles of TORX Power Bits Available 

50mm  (2") Long Torx Power Bits.
50mm  (2") Long Ball End Torx Power Bits.
50mm  (2") Long TORX PLUS Power Bits.
50mm  (2") Long Security TORX Power Bits
50mm  (2") Long TORX Align Power Bits
60mm  (2.3") Long Double Ended Torx Bits
70mm  (2.75") Long Torx Power Bits
90mm  (3.5") Long Torx Power Bits
152mm (6") Long Torx Power Bits
60mm (2.3") Long Standard Double Ended Bits


View PDF
Free Torx Products Catalog
40 Pages Full Color,1000 Torx Products


See These Additional TORX Driver Styles

Non Slip Grip Torx Wing Handle Torx System 4 Precision Torx
SoftGripTorx Wing Torx Plus Security Torx Soft Finish
3K Soft Panel Grip Flag Handle Torx Screw Holding Torx
Power Handle Grip Flag Torx Plus Holding Precision Torx
Proturn Ergo Grip Off Set Torx Drivers Drive-Loc VI Torx Blades
Precision Tech Torx ESD Safe Soft Grip Torque Torx Plus Blades
Torque Control Blades ESD Safe Precision Torque TORX Plus Drivers
Soft Grip T-Handles T-Handle Torx Plus Torque Control Drivers
Pech ESD Torx Plus Soft Grip Torx Plus T-Handle Torx Drivers
Torque TORX Drivers Pico Precision Torx Torque Control TORX Plus
Ball TORX Drivers Ball TORX L-Keys Ball TORX Power Bits

See Index of All Standard Torx Tools
See Index of All TORX Plus Tools
See Index of All Security Torx Tools
See Index of All Screw Holding TORX

See Index of All Screwdriver Styles
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