Wiha Values

Family Heritage

Wiha is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hand tools for professional use in trade and industry. Founded over 80 years ago as a small family-run business, today, Wiha is a globally active company, still owner-operated by the Hahn family.

First-Class Team

As an in-demand employer nationwide, Wiha boasts a highly motivated, first-class team. From manufacturing to fulfillment and everybody in-between, Wiha is committed to the responsibility of enhancing and developing our team members with our sights firmly fixed on a strong, long-term, joint future. Currently, over 1000 Wiha employees manufacture and market award-winning Wiha premium tools.

Global Enterprise

As an international premium brand, we have the courage to take new approaches and grow on a global level to improve and further develop on a constant basis.

Customer First

As an independent, family-run company, Wiha has a long tradition of innovating to meet the needs of trades-professionals and discerning specialists. Every one of our customers matters to us, and we work hard to earn and keep your business by delivering professional-quality too, expert-level service, and our Wiha No Hassle Guarantee.

User-Centered Design

We consistently develop our hand tool solutions based on users' actual needs and requirements. As a loyal partner to specialist retailers, we provide them with comprehensive assistance, advice and conceptional instruments to pass on our solutions to users.


Designed, built, and tested for safety—incredible attention to safety with each and every tool we sell

Our quality craftsmanship and functional design help you work more safely, whether you’re cutting cable, driving a screw, or working with electricity.

Wiha offers the widest selection of insulated tools so you can work safely in any situation. Most competitors’ insulated tools are batch tested. With Wiha, every single product is rated to 1,000V and individually tested to 10,000V, putting Wiha among the few makers of the safest electrician's tools in the world.

Our tools are world-renowned for their ergonomic design. In fact, we are the 1st hand tool manufacturer to be awarded the AGR seal, recognizing the benefits of our screwdriver and plier handles for extended pain-free work.


Tools that last—known for durability and quality manufacturing

Wiha is a world leader in the production and design of professional-quality tools.

Ninety percent of Wiha’s products are developed and manufactured in Germany, and all meet our high level of standards.

Owning Wiha is an investment in long-lasting, functional tools that will be your go-to's for years to come.


Wiha has a long history of innovation with firsts that radically improve the way people work.

  • First modern precision screwdriver
  • First MagicRing (retaining spring)
  • First impact bit that can take the force of a drill and not shatter

Wiha’s well-thought-out product design and ergonomic standards make our hand tools highly functional and easy to use

As one of the most innovative hand tool companies in the world, we will continue to break new ground by focusing on understanding and meeting the challenges and requirements of specialty industries.