Everything You Need to Know About the Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Tool Kit

Everything You Need to Know About the Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Tool Kit

How do you store your tools while you’re on the road?

Do you have one of those big metal crates that open up like pandora’s box? Maybe you have a container in the back of the truck that you need to rifle through on every single job. Some tradespeople even carry around an old-school backpack full of their precious equipment.

However, all of these options can make it difficult if you need to climb up and down ladders throughout the day or travel long distances between the project you’re working on and your truck. This is just one of the many reasons why Wiha and Veto teamed up to produce a more comfortable way for trade professionals to transport the tools they love simply and easily.

While you might have seen the Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Tool Kit in our store, you might have wondered if it’s the right product for your needs. If the product description isn’t enough for you to add it to the cart, here’s everything else you need to know about this perfect partnership.

Who is Veto Pro Pac?

Since the beginning of its existence, Veto has had a philosophy based on three simple principles. The tool bags they produce should make your equipment readily available, protect them whether you’re working or not, and it should be comfortable to carry no matter how far you’re traveling. The company also believes the bags need to be built to last. They’re not interested in selling you bag after bag after bag.

How did Wiha and Veto join forces?

Like many relationships, correspondence between Wiha and Veto began online, and quickly we started sharing photos of products with each other. But it wasn’t until March 10, 2020, when the partnership broke the internet. Wiha shared a post on our social media accounts with some of its iconic tools in a Veto Pro Pac bag.

Based on this response, Wiha and Veto began discussing a co-branded product. Not long after, 100 bags were created as a trial launch. Amazingly, they sold out in less than two hours.

Veto and Stabila would collaborate next with Wiha in late 2020 and produce 300 bags together. These would also sell out in record time. This time only took eight hours for them to disappear.

Naturally, discussions turned to form a closer partnership together. After another successful giveaway between Veto and Wiha, the Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Tool Set was produced and launched to the world on June 2, 2021.

What sets the Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Tool Kit apart?

The Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Too Kit brings the Veto philosophy to life. The RedStripe Tech Pac contains Veto Pro’s Patented Center Panel design, which keeps the bag rigid, upright, and, of course, waterproof so that your tools always stay dry. The aesthetic helps the backpack retain its shape, so you’re not watching it degrade after every use.

The inside of the bag is just as impressive. There are 56 pockets in and out of the backpack. You can store everything from hand tools to manifold gauges to hoses and even your tablet. All of them are protected at all times, no matter how far you’re walking between the truck and the job site or whatever the weather conditions are.

But let’s not forget about the tools. The Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Tool Kit gets you started with some of the essential equipment you need, no matter how big or small the job is.

The set includes:

All of the products are of the same high quality that you would expect from Wiha. They’re designed and tested to ensure you can rely on them as well as being safe to operate in any workspace.

Are there other Wiha RedStripe products available?

Currently, the Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Tool Kit is the only product collaboration that is available in store. The fruition of this partnership has been a few years in development, and the reaction from tradespeople around the world has inspired both companies to explore further opportunities.

The next obvious question is when can you expect to see the next product from Wiha and Veto. While nothing is confirmed at this stage, let’s just say you can expect more excitement before the end of 2021.

Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Tool Kit: form meets function

You shouldn’t feel like you need a deep tissue massage after a long day on the job site. Carrying around heavy equipment in a toolbox or piece by piece from the truck is a thing of the past. With the Wiha RedStripe 30-Piece Tool Kit, you can easily transport your tools in one of the most comfortable carry bags on the market.

No matter what the weather is or how far you have to travel, the RedStripe Tech Pac makes handling your tools a breeze. It will always stand tall, keep your equipment dry, and, most importantly, keep them protected.

Not that your Wiha tools need a lot of protection. These heavy-duty products are designed to be ones that you can rely on. Wiha has a long tradition of crafting highly functional tools that are VDE certified and some of the industry’s safest equipment that you can use. Finally, you can carry them around safely in this all-in-one pack. You’ll find everything you need no matter what job site you’re traveling to or what level of experience you have as a tradesperson.