Wiha Bits Overview

In continuous use of screw applications, screwdriver bits are exposed to maximum strains. Depending on the type of application, maximum wear resistance and high elasticity is important. Wiha offers a large assortment of high quality bits and provides the perfect solution for all screw applications.

Wiha standard coated bits

Standard Bit


  • For all standard applications


  • Tough, hard bit
  • outstanding value
  • Available in different combinations of shanks, tips, lengths and sizes

Coating: No coating

Hardness: 61 HRC

Wiha TiN coated bits

TiN Torsion Bit

Ideal for industrial applications and production lines

Optimum tool life with very hard Titanium Nitride coating (TiN)

Coating: Titanium nitride coating

Hardness: 61 HRC

Wiha diamond coated bits

Diamond Torsion Bit

Ideal for demanding applications in industry and trade

Finest and wear-resistant diamond and sapphire micro-particles grip in the bit tip and transfer the force straight from the hand to the screw

Diamond and sapphire micro-particles and the nickel plating of the entire Bit ensure extended Corrosion-resistance

Hardness: 61 HRC, at the surface approx. 10.000 HV

Wiha Dura coated bits

DuraBit with torsion zone

Ideal for demanding applications in industry and trade

Hard and wear-resistant, tungsten-carbide micro-particles in the bit tip gain a secure grip of the screw head, prevent the bit from slipping out of the screw and thus not only protect the material surface but also ensure optimum force transfer

Tungsten-carbide micro-particles in the tip and the nickel-gold coating of the entire bit ensure extended corrosion-resistance

Hardness: 61 HRC, at the surface approx. 10.000 HV

Wiha Stainless steel coated bits

Stainless steel bit

Ideally suitable for fastening and unfastening of stainless steel screws

The bits of high-quality, non-rusting stainless steel are completely vacuum-hardened and are characterized by a high level of fitting accuracy and durability

Coating: No coating

Hardness: 61 HRC

Wiha Terminator Impacted bits

MaxxTor Torsion Bit AKA “Terminator”

Ideal for demanding hard or impact applications in industry and trade

With the maximized torsion zone and the precision milled profile the lifespan is significantly increased

Coating: Plastic coating for improved torsion properties

Hardness: 61 HRC