Wiha Affiliates and Brand Ambassador Program

The Wiha Tools Brand Ambassador program is currently on hold. We are revising the current program, therefore are not accepting new applicants.

These are social media accounts that Wiha has communications with and has supplied tools free of charge to. Wiha Tools will never pay social media accounts to influence their opinion of Wiha Tools in their content. Wiha is committed to making high-quality tools and feels that the quality and innovation in our tools should speak for themselves. Wiha solely wants to gain exposure via social media and digital communications through genuine and honest content.

Program Requirements

  • Produce engaging original content
  • Have industry average engagement on their content
  • Create content other than tool review or unboxing videos
  • Are critical and supportive when products are featured in their content
  • Have greater than 1,000 combined followers from all social media accounts
  • Based in North or South America with a shippable address
  • Produce original Video, Image, or long-form Blog Content
  • Tag @wihausa in posts mentioning Wiha
  • Over 80% of followers must be legitimate accounts
  • Have a valid E-Mail address
  • Are over 18 years old
  • Must have a social media account on one of the following that they are posting to at least once a month
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Youtube

Affiliate Program Requirements

  • Completed W9 form
  • Valid US Address
  • Meet all brand ambassador requirements
  • Have a total reach greater than 3,000 combined followers from all social media accounts
  • Invited by Wiha Tools

Affiliate Program

  • Wiha uses https://www.refersion.com/ for tracking
  • Wiha will create a custom coupon code for 15% off wihatools.com and wihatools.ca websites for tracking conversions
  • Affiliate will receive 15% commission on all tracked conversions
  • Affiliate will be paid Semi-Annually or upon removal from the affiliate program
  • Wiha Tools has the right to change the terms of the Affiliate program at any time.

Wiha Sponsored Social Media Giveaways

For potential brand ambassadors that have less than 1,000 followers and want to increase their exposure by creating promotions giving away products. Wiha will ship a free tool to the winner after receiving a link and proof of the promotion.