Wiha Features

Tools that work for you. It's a philosophy that we are committed to when designing new tools with incredible features. You may see our features icons displayed throughout our website, on our packaging, or highlighted on social media. But what do these features mean for you? Explore this list to learn more.

  • BiCut
  • C8 Magnents
  • Dynamic Joint
  • ESD Safe
  • Insulated
  • Made In America
  • Made In Germany
  • Multi-driver cushion grip
  • Multidriver Ergonomic Grip
  • No Hassle (Grey)
  • No Hassle Guarantee (RED)
  • Pliers Cusion
  • Pop-up Cusion
  • Precision Machined Tips
  • Slim Technology
  • Softfinish
  • Terminator Bits
  • Wiha Approved