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BiCut Compound Cutter
Double Your Cutting Power
At the Push Of A Button

Three Styles Now Available
Just One Cutter does it All
Copper, Nails, Hardened Wire

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Micro-Bits for Smart Phones

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Up to 30X Performance
Over Standard Bits
In Impact Applications
Save Now On Terminator Bits

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Made In Germany

 65 Piece Precision Tech
 ESD Safe Micro Bit Set
 Static Sensitive Work?
 Top Micro Drive Tools
 In a Compact Metal Box
 Save Now Just $79.98

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#1 Impact Performance

 Terminator Impact Bits
 Sets & Single Bit Sizes
Insert & 2" Power Bits

 On Sale -
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 #1 In Impact Performance

 Precision Bonus Pack 
7 Piece Tech Set
 Slotted & Phillips Drivers
 & Long Nose Pliers
 Retail value $52.52
 Save 50% Now $26.26

Precision Made Germany

 Inch & Metric Ball End
 Hex L-Key Sets. .
 Wiha Chrome-V-Moly
 Super Tool Steel
. .
 Double Packs Sale

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Made In Germany

Made In Germany

  Insulated Precision 
  Soft Grip Precision
  10,000 Volt Tested
8 & 5 Piece Sets
  Introductory Priced
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  New Pop-Up Insulated
  6 Slim Line Blades
  33% Narrower Profile
  Blade Storage In Handle
  Soft Ergo Cushion Grips
  Locking Blade Holder
 1000 Volt Safety Rated

 At Wiha Distributors Now

Torx Tools Hex Tools ESD Safe Torque Tools Pliers Insulated Screwdrivers Bits & Sets Tech Tools Shop Tools
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Premium Hex Tools
Wiha Made Hex

  Hex Ball End Tools Sale!
  ErgoStar Automatic
  Hex Standard Tools
  Hex MagicRing Screw Hold
Hex Security Tools
  Hex T-Handle Tools
  Hex Insulated Keys
  Hex Stainless Steel
  Hex Bits & Sockets

Insulated Safety Tools

Wiha Made Insulated

 On Sale
 Volt Detector 90-1000V

80 Piece Master Insulated Set
 Insulated Cable Cutters
 Insulated Electricians Shears
 Insulated Hex Keys
 Insulated Knives
 Insulated SlimLine Drivers Sale
 Insulated SlimLine Blades Sale
 Insulated Economy Sets
 Insulated Phillips Drivers

 Insulated Pliers & Cutters
 Insulated Pliers Inomic Ergo

 Insulated Precision Pico Sale
 Insulated Pliers & Cutters Sale
 Insulated POZI Drivers
 Insulated Ratchets
Insulated Sets Mixed
 Insulated SlimLine Pop-Ups
Insulated Slotted Drivers

 Insulated Sockets 1/4"
 Insulated Sockets 3/8"
 Insulated Socket Bits 3/8"
 Insulated Sockets 1/2"
 Insulated Torx Drivers
 Insulated T-Handle Hex
 Insulated Torque Screwdrivers
 Insulated Torque Wrenches
 Insulated TriCut Cutter

 Insulated BiCut Cutter Sale
 Insulated Tweezers
 Insulated Wrenches Open
 Insulated Wrenches Box
 Insulated Wrenches Ratchet
 Insulated Wrenches Adjustable

Punches & Mallets
Wiha Striking Tools


 Metric Pin Punches Sale
Metric Tapered Punches Sale

 Metric Center Punches Sale
 Dead Blow Steel Cushion Grips
Dead Blow Hickory Handles
Dead Blow Sledges
Faces For Dead Blows
Split Head Mallets
Replacement Mallet Faces
Replacement Mallet Heads
Replacement Mallet Handles

Connector Crimp Tools

 Porta Crimp Interchangeable
 Fixed Crimpers
Data Pro Crimper

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UPS $5.99

Screwdriver Bits
Wiha Made Bits

 Terminator Impact Bits Sale!
 New Pop-Up 13 in 1 Bits
New Ratchet Bit Sets
 Contractor Bulk Bits 1" Sale!
Bits 1" Insert Style
 Bits 2" to 6" For Power Tools
 Bits Diamond/Carbide/TiN

 Nut Setters 2.5" - 12" Long
 Bit Sets All Styles
 Bits Stainless Steel
 Bit Holders

 Drills & Counter Sinks
 Micro Precision Bits Sale

Bit Set Assortments

Wiha Made Bit Sets
 Pop-Up 13 in 1 Sets Sale
 BitFlip Sets
 Insert Bit Sets
 Stubby Bit Sets
 X-Selectors Bit Sets
6 in 1 Multi Bit Sets
Power Bit Sets
 Security Bit Collector
Security Bit Sets Sale
Drive-Loc Bit Set
 Micro Precision Bit Sets
Sockets & Accessories

Sockets With Replaceable Bits - Hex & TORX

1/4" Accessories
1/4" Sockets Inch
1/4" Sockets Metric
3/8" Accessories
3/8" Sockets Inch
3/8" Sockets Metric
1/2" Accessories
1/2" Sockets Inch
1/2" Sockets Metric
1/2" Socket Bits
Sliding Bar T-handles
Torx Bit 1/4, 3/8 Drive
Torx Plus 1/4, 3/8 Drive
Hex Bit 1/4, 3/8 Drive
Long 6" Bits 1/4" Drive
Ext Torx 1/4, 3/8, 1/2
Socket Bit Sets 

Insulated 1/4" Sockets
Insulated 3/8" Sockets 
Insulated 3/8" Hex Sockets
Insulated 1/2" Sockets
Insulated Ratchets

MaxiFlex Coolant Hose
MaxiFlex Coolant and Air Hose SystemsSale
1/4" Coolant & Air Hose 
1/2" Coolant & Air Hose

Measuring Tools

 Water Proof Folding Rulers
 Composite Rigid Rulers
 Calipers, Digital & Dial Sale
Molded Torpedo Level
 Extendable Composite Rulers

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UPS $5.99 

Precision Screwdrivers
Wiha Made Drivers

 Precision Tech Series Sale
 Precision Tech Insulated New
 Pentalobe For Smart Phones
 Precision Pouch Sets 
 Precision Standard Sets
 System 4 Precision
 Pico Soft Grip Tech Sets
 Dynamic Tech Drivers
 50 Bench Top Rack Sets
 51 Piece Tray Set
Micro Precision Bits
 Micro Bits 65 PC Set Sale

Pliers & Cutters

Wiha Made Pliers

BiCut Super Cutter Sale
 Pliers & Cutters
 Micro Pliers & Cutters
 Industrial Insulated Pliers
 Insulated Pliers/Cutters
 ESD Safe Pliers & Cutters
 Industrial Series Pliers
 Premium Pliers & Cutters
 Ring Pliers External
 Ring Pliers Internal

 Pipe Wrenches
 MagicTip Safety Ring Pliers

Notched to Hold Rings In Place
Tweezers & Instruments
 Inspection Mirrors
 ESD Safe Tweezers
Insulated Tweezers
Stainless Inspection Mirrors

ESD Safe Tools
ESD Safe Holders & Sets
ESD Safe Dial Calipers
ESD Safe Precision Drivers
ESD Safe Pliers & Cutters
ESD Safe Micro Bit Sets 
ESD Slim Pliers & Cutters
ESD Safe Tweezers
ESD Drive-Loc Precision
ESD Safe Torque Control
ESD Safe Screwdrivers
ESD Safe Drive-Loc Drivers

Industrial Wrenches
Cushion Grip Wrenches Inch & Metric
 Open End 4 To 50mm
Open End 1/4" to 2.0"
Combination 5.5 to 50mm
Combination 1/4" to 2.0"
Value Price Import Wrenches
Box End 5.5 to 50mm
Box End 1/4" to 2"
 Soft Grip Metric
Soft Grip Inch

 Pipe Wrenches Tool Steel
 Insulated Open Wrenches
Insulated Deep Off Sets
Insulated Gear Wrenches

 Insulated Adjustable Wrench

Product Search

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UPS $5.99 

Torx Tool Styles
Wiha Made Torx
  Torx Standard Tools
  Torx Plus Tools
  Torx Ball End Tools
  Torx Security Tools
  Torx Screw Holding Tools

  Torx Torque Control Drivers
  Torx Drivers Insulated
  Torx Stainless Steel
  Torx T-Handle Sets

Torque Control Tools

Wiha Made Torque

 iTorque Digital Torque  Sale
 Adjustable Torque Drivers
ESD Safe Sale
 Adjustable Torque Insulated
 Adjustable In Newton Meters
 Preset TORX Torque Drivers
 Preset TORX Plus Torque
 Preset Fixed Torque Handles
 Value Preset Easy-Torque
 T-Handle Adjustable & Preset
 Torque Blades & Adapters

 Torque Control Sets
 New! TPMS Install Kit

Premium Screwdrivers
Wiha Made Drivers
  SoftFinsh Professional Cushion Grips
 SoftFinish Grips
 Drive Loc Adjustable Sale
 Hex Drivers & Keys
 Measure-Up Drivers
 MiroFinish Non Slip Grips
 MicroFinish Destroyer
 Nut Drivers
 Phillips Screwdrivers
 Pozi Drive Tools
 Slotted Screwdrivers
 Square Tip Drivers
 TORX Drivers
 Tri-Wing & Torq-Set

 Build Custom Blade Sets
 40 Piece Tool Box Set Sale

Premium Tool Designs
            << Sale

Awls - Square & Round
Cutting Tools - HSS
ClicFix/Centro Fix  Sale
Build Custom Tool Sets
Drive Loc VI Tools Sale
Dynamic Tech Drivers
Gasket Scraper
MagicRing Screw Holding Hex
MagicSpring Screw Hold Torx
MagicTip Snap Ring Pliers
Magnetizer Demag
Micro Bit Precision Tools
Microfinish Non Slip Grips
Precision Technicians Drivers
Proturn Economy Torx
Razor Edged Scraper
SoftFinish Cushion Grips Sale
Stainless Steel Screwdrivers
Torque Control Drivers

Wire & Cable Tools

 Coaxial 2 Step Strippers
Coaxial 3 Step Strippers
Adjustable Stripper
CATV RG59/RG6 Stripper
Cut & Auto Strip
Cable Jacket Stripper

UPS $5.99 

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