Extend or Shrink Your Screwdriver with Drive-Loc System

Extend or Shrink Your Screwdriver with Drive-Loc System

Drive-Loc Overview

The Wiha Drive-Loc systems offer you the flexibility of changing the length of your driver blade and type of bit, while keeping the same handle in your grasp. The hex blades are lined with spherical dimples where the handle locks into at your specified length. The double ended blades are adjustable to form a 1.7" blade to a 4.8" blade in 1/8" increments.

System 6 (Drive-Loc VI)

Our System 6 is the standard blade size. It's equivalent to a 6mm bit. It is available in sets as well as individual handles, blades, and blade sets.

System 4 (Drive-Loc IV)

Our System 4 Sets are the precision version of this system. Its blades measure 4mm in diameter, but still have the adjustable length.

Watch the Drive-Loc Systems in Action


Both the Drive-loc VI and IV are modular. Find individual handles and blades to create a custom set for your project needs in our Drive-Loc Drivers page.