Wiha Y000 screwdriver with iphone

Wiha Y000 Screwdriver: For the Smallest of Small

Forget the confusion caused by calling a hex head an Allen head or a square vs a Robertson. The minuscule screws inside of the latest generation of Apple devices brings a myriad of names that this Y000 Screwdriver tip profile may be known by. It has multiple names and variants like the following:

  • Tri-Point
  • Tri-Blade
  • 3-Point
  • T-tip
  • Y-Type
  • Y000
  • Y-Profile
  • Trigram
  • Y-Point
  • Y-Shape

The mere size of the screw that coordinates with the driver is so small, you need incredibly good eyes to notice any details on the screw from a distance. The screw is most commonly found in mobile devices such as an iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 as well as certain MacBook bodies. See below the size of the screwdriver tip compared to a penny.

This driver is available in PicoFinish and a Precision handle, for your small fixes and projects.

Precision Handle Type

PicoFinish Handle Type

Wiha precision screwdrivers feature exact fit precision machined tips to ensure you're working with the best.

Pick up just the driver as a solo add or add an entire set to your precision tool arsenal. Find sets designed for mobile repair with the Y000 Screwdriver, and our complete offering of Precision Tech Tools for your next electronics repair.