It's a....? Nut Drivers vs. Nut Setters

It's a....? Nut Drivers vs. Nut Setters

What is the difference between a nut driver and a nut setter?

When using a hex head screw, you have the option of using a nut driver or a nut setter to drive the screw. Although the tools sound similar, there is a difference between the two. Determining the difference between the commonly interchangeable terms nut driver and nut setter, deserves clarification.

Are there other names for nut setters?

With all the different names for the same thing, we understand how it can be a little confusing. nut setters have names like:

  • nut driver bit
  • nut driver setters
  • nut driver drill bit
  • hex nutsetters
  • impact nut drivers

What are Nut Setters used for?

Nut setters, are operated by being inserted into an impact driver or power tool, rather than being used like a screwdriver. Usually nut setters are used for driving lag bolts or lag screws with an impact driver.

At Wiha, we offer a large variety that range from color coded, to magnetic. Nut setters are used in high torque applications achieved by impact drivers rather than manual operation by a driver handle.


wiha color coded nut setters top view inch sizes

What are Nut Drivers used for?

Nut drivers have a handle and are operated manually, rather than being used with an impact driver. We have these available in hollow shaft, precision sizes, insulated and also T-Handle and T-Handle Insulated. Nut drivers are used in lower torque applications where more precision and control is needed. Typically the fastening torque is able to be achieved with man-power.

Where to Buy Wiha Nut Drivers?

Do you use the terms interchangeably? Which do you use more often?