It's Back and More Powerful Than Ever: speedE®II

It's Back and More Powerful Than Ever: speedE®II

The Wiha insulated speedE®II electric screwdriver is stronger and more versatile than before. Now equipped with 2 power levels, Wiha is back with the newest generation of speedE screwdriver.

The next generation of speedE® electric screwdrivers

The lightweight design of the speedE®II is convenient for on-the-go applications as well as repetitive actions. This speede®II electric screwdriver is 3 times more efficient than an average screwdriver preventing user fatigue and saving valuable time.

The electric screwdriver comes in a 13-piece set including the speedE® screwdriver handle, 2 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries, 8 Insulated Slimline Blades including Slotted 3.5, 5.5, Phillips #1, #2, Square #1, #2, and Terminal Xeno #1, #2, and a wall plug adapter/charger. The hard-sided and rugged case makes for easy and convenient storage.

A ring switch engages the drive by turning either clockwise or counterclockwise to loosen or tighten your fastener. Once the electric drive reaches maximum torque, the clutch engages allowing you to continue fastening via manual torque.

The NEW power level switch protects delicate components by allowing users to select the amount of torque to be achieved electronically. 'Min' power mode with output 0.4 Nm or 3.5 in-lbs. of torque and 'Max' power mode will output 1.0 Nm or 8.8 in-lbs of torque.

Wiha SlimLine blade compatible

The speedE®II is a member of the Wiha SlimLine Blade family, therefore making it compatible with Wiha’s SlimLine Blade collection. Our SlimLine blades are VDE certified, which means they are tested at 10,000V AC and rated for up to 1,000V AC. This is to offer you full protection when working in potentially electrified applications.

What's the difference between speedE®I and speedE®II?

Although it may look similar to the speedE®I, the speedE®II:

  • Offers 2 power levels rather than 1 like the original speedE®. The second speed provides additional torque needed in applications.
  • Has more LED lights, making it easier to work in hard to see applications.
  • Outputs a maximum manual torque of 12 Nm compared to 8 Nm in the speedE®I

Where can I buy speedE®II?

Look no further than and for Canadian customers

Note: Only use the speedE®II with insulated Wiha Tools SlimLine blades. Please follow all guidelines and regulations when working in electrified or potentially electrified environments.