SlimLine Vs. Standard Insulation – Which is Better for You?

SlimLine Vs. Standard Insulation – Which is Better for You?

Can’t decide between a standard insulation tool or something from the SlimLine family?

All of these tools bear the trusted Wiha brand name and are individually tested at 10,000 V AC to ensure they’re VDE certified. However, it’s all about how the insulated tool performs in the palm of your hand.

So which one should you choose? Of course, you can’t go wrong with a SlimLine or standard insulation tool from Wiha. But if you have to make a choice between one or the other, here’s everything you should consider before adding these tools to your cart.

What are the Benefits of Using SlimLine Tools?

Do you have trouble accessing recessed terminal screws and other tight spots in panels? It doesn’t seem to matter how small your screwdrivers are. You just can’t seem to reach the point you need. Many electricians will shave away at the insulation or place tape over the drivers, which is not recommended.

The SlimLine screwdriver thankfully provides a 33% narrower blade and shaft to allow you to get to those hard-to-reach areas without compromising the insulation that’s there to protect you from an electrical accident.

The SpeedEII Electric Screwdriver

Perhaps your task requires fastening a large number of screws. A power drill is too powerful and a standard screwdriver will greatly delay completion. Fortunately, you can experience the benefits of the SlimLine family by installing the blades on the SpeedEII Electric Screwdriver. The device only becomes insulated when using Wiha SlimLine Blades and is faster, stronger, and comes with two power levels compared to the original model. It’s the ideal tool for jobs or tasks that require low torque but are highly repetitive.

Blades and Blade Holders

The Wiha SlimLine Blade system provides you with options. While the SlimLine Blades are unique to the Wiha brand, they work in conjunction with a wide variety of blade holders to offer the full range of accessibility that you need on specific jobs. You also get the added security that each of them is individually tested products are VDE certified for your protection.

Precision Insulated PicoFinish

If you’re all about precision when it comes to your insulated tools, it’s hard to ignore the PicoFinish range. This equipment allows you to turn the handle and apply pressure with just one finger, courtesy of the free-turning cap.

The handle even offers a collar as well as a tactile grip, which makes turning in smaller increments much easier compared to many other precision tools. They also provide arc flash protection in case you can’t see your project in its entirety.

Where to Find SlimLine and Standard Insulated Tools

Fortunately, there is a range of SlimLine and standard insulated tools available that can cater to any type of electrical project you work on. The most crucial point you need to know is that no matter which range you choose from, all of the tools are VDE certified and have been individually tested for your safety. You can find an extensive range of SlimLine and standard insulated tools in our store, so head over there now to get your hands on them.