The speedE® We've All Been Waiting For

The speedE® We've All Been Waiting For

The long anticipated wait for the speedE is finally over!

Wiha's first electric driver comes in a 13 piece set including the speedE, 2 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, charger, L-Box Mini, and 8 SlimLine Blades. The stack-able box is compatible with other L-Box system storage solutions.

A ring switch engages the drive by turning either clockwise or counter clockwise to loosen or tighten your fastener. Once the electric drive reaches it's maximum torque, the clutch engages allowing you to continue fastening via manual torque.

SlimLine System Ready

It's completely compatible with Wiha's SlimLine Blade collection. This then allows for extended uses and applications. Our SlimLine blades are tested at 10,000 V AC & approved for 1,000 V AC offering you full protection when working in potentially electrified areas.


The speedE may not be for everyone and is not intended to replace an impact driver. However, it is useful in situations where repetitive motion is required and in low torque applications. For instance, working on terminal boards, trimming out electrical work, sensitive computer work, and cabinet assembly. It is light weight and grants access to small and difficult to reach work spaces. It increases efficiency and protects the wrist and arm from repetitive motion fatigue.

For more applications and features please visit our websites.

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