Top Tools of 2019 from Wiha Tools

The Best of 2019: Top 9 Tools

2019 was a legendary year for us. We launched new tools, retired old ones, and made plans to make 2020 our best year yet. Part of this plan was reviewing what YOU ordered in 2019. Here's the top 9 products that you ordered last year:

#1: 91473 - General Purpose Zipper Bag

Safely store and organize tools into our General purpose zipper bags.

#2: 76889 - Go Box Impact Bit Set 32 Piece

Keep this pocket sized box in your glove box, pocket or floating in your toolbox for impact bits and mini ratchet on the go.

#3: 70486 - Color Coded Magnetic Nut Setters 6 Piece

Easy to identify color coded AND magnetic nut setters in Inch sizes - stay tuned in 2020 for metric.

#4: 75965 - Master Tech 65 Piece Set in Metal Storage Box

For just about any precision tool need, this is the set for you. Precision machined bits with ESD safe handle, bit adapter, and mini ratchet.

#5: 77790 - 26-in-1 Ultra Driver Tradesman

The perfect tool for everyone and everywhere. Torx, Phillips, PoziDrive, Square, Slotted, Hex Metric, and Hex Inch bits in common sizes. Fits great in the junk drawer for easy access or in the glove box for extra preparedness.

#6: 28188 - Drive-loc VI Interchangeable Blade 32 Piece

Adjustable length screwdrivers offers you the ability to determine what length you need for each project. Double ended blades in a folding wallet provide compact storage.


#7: 26197 - Precision Slotted/Phillips Screwdriver Set

Find the common sizes needed to tighten small screws like those in your eye glasses and other small miscellaneous items around the house and shop.

#8: 32084 - Slotted Phillips Insulated Screwdriver 5 Piece Set

Our Insulated VDE Certified tools are tested individually at 10,000V AC and are rated for up to 1,000V AC. This set covers that most common sizes for working with and around electricity.

#9: 66992 - MagicRing® Hex Inch and Metric L-Key Set in ErgoStar Holder

We're not magicians, but theses hex keys in Inch and Metric tend to eliminate dropped screws and fasteners with our MagicRing® technology.

These top 9 tools earned a place in your tool boxes and now take their place on the Best of 2019 Tools.

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