Top 5 Characteristics of High Quality Hand Tools

Top 5 Characteristics of High Quality Hand Tools

Confidence in Purchase

Quality hand tools are great to have, but with quality, typically come to a greater cost up front. Tools are an investment. Shouldn't we invest our money in quality tools? Isn't it true that generic knockoffs leave us exposed to delay in completing a task, unnecessary hazards, injury, and frustration? Investing in quality tools is a no-brainer. Here's our 5 Characteristics of High Quality Hand Tools that you should have in your tool arsenal.

What to Look for in Quality Tools

1. Performance

Does the tool perform the way the manufacturer promised it would? Makers of high-quality tools like Wiha have a reputation for quality that we’re obligated to maintain. One of the main indicators of meeting a high standard of quality is ensuring that our product performance exceeds your expectations. Read more on 5 ways your screwdrivers are letting you down in the performance category.

2. Features

In addition to performance is what features does the tool offer? Does it come with a pouch or case? What materials are used in its production? The features of high-quality tools are going to add value, and have unnecessary bells and whistles. Innovative design is the name of the game here.

3. Reliability

High-quality hand tools have a reputation for being reliable. They’re not going to fail when you need them most in fact, they create a safer way of tackling a job. When used properly, they don’t cause unnecessary damage to materials or put people at risk of injury. Perhaps most obvious, but still should be mentioned, is that high-quality tools have a long service life. Does the tool have a guarantee?

4. Conformance

Does the tool’s design and operating characteristics meet established standards? Better yet, does it surpass them? Many generic tools fall into “acceptable” tolerances, but do they meet and/or surpass target specifications? High-quality tools will meet or surpass the target specifications set by various industry authorities—a low level of tolerance. This tolerance can often be felt in the tool’s performance - both positively and negatively.

5. Durability

Tools that can be handed down to your kids and grandkids—this is what durability is all about. Yes, like we stated, to begin with, you’re going to pay a good chunk of cash more up front, but when that cost is spread out over three or four generations there is tremendous value found.

Backed by a Promise

Wiha Tools are backed by our No Hassle Guarantee. We believe in the quality of our tools. Our tools perform reliably, have innovative features that solve real problems, while meeting the highest standards of conformance, and are made to last a lifetime.