Ultra Driver 2017 Promotion Success

Ultra Driver 2017 Promotion Success

The Ultra Driver holiday promotion was an overwhelming success for multiple reasons. The Tradesman was featured on NBC's Today show, and multiple posts on social media. We know thousands of tool enthusiasts will be unwrapping a brand new Wiha Ultra Driver for the holidays. Wiha is proud to provide a quality tool at a great price for thousands of people in North America.

A Simple Idea

From people's first impressions of the tool we intuitively knew the Ultra Driver was meant to be in households across North America. But how do we get it there? We coordinated with all internal teams to add it as special item and ensure availability and meet forecasted demand for the fall promotion at a great price. We are happy to have been able to fulfill all orders before the holiday rush and on Black Friday.

A Bright Future

Wiha Tools is developing new bit assortments for the award winning design handle of the Ultra Driver to meet the needs of professional tool users. We are actively developing an HVAC specific and Security Torx® versions and anticipate their launch in 2018.

The Ultra Driver Will Be Available Again

Wiha factories in Germany have received our new production orders and are diligently working to complete them to their strict manufacturing standards. We are eagerly awaiting the shipment from Germany. We plan to hold enough stock to consistently meet the demands of new orders for the Ultra Driver. If you would like to be notified when the Ultra Driver is back in stock sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media. We will post an update when they are ready to order.