Why Lower 48 Instruments Uses Insulated Wiha Tools

Why Lower 48 Instruments Uses Insulated Wiha Tools

Guest Writer | Chris Davis of Lower 48 Instruments

The first bit of kit I provide our new technicians with is a Wiha 7pc insulated driver kit. I have been using Wiha for a little more than 5 years and take my tools into some of the most demanding and hostile environments including mining operations, wastewater treatment plants, chemical producers, oil and gas, landfills and food operations, so it only seems fair that I give my guys what I carry.

We are exposed to electrical hazards on almost every job, I have 100% peace of mind about all my guys going home at the end of the day because the coating on our drivers have been tested to 10,000V. From a usability perspective, unlike some other drivers that utilize a straight coating, Wiha tapers theirs, making reaching a fastener in a tight spot a breeze.

It takes a lot to nick or wear through that coating, and the business end of these drivers are second to none. Wiha says their steel is RC 58/60 and given how many fasteners I have driven with my #2 Phillips I can say that I believe it, the wear and tear (abuse not use) to the coating has ended every driver I have tossed long before the tip has worn out.

As a bonus, handle geometry fits most of us very well and when you are picking up a driver dozens of times a day, anything that reduces fatigue and increases control makes a tedious job almost bearable. The only gripe we have here is the printing on the handles doesn’t hold up that well to our repeated cleaning (our tools have to be wiped down every job) and tends to become invisible pretty quickly, but we overcome this by etching in the markings.

All in all, expectations are high, and Wiha delivers every time.