What Makes a Great Stubby Multi-Bit Screwdriver?

What Makes a Great Stubby Multi-Bit Screwdriver?

The stubby handle screwdriver is certainly not the goto screwdriver for most situations, but when you're trying to fasten screws in tight spaces with limited clearance, there is only one tool for the job, the small and dependable stubby screwdriver. Wiha continues to improve upon classic tools with German design and superior manufacturing with their stubby multi bit screwdriver

A stubby screwdriver should be small - but not too small

Here are the dimensions of Wiha's stubby screwdriver

  • 2.5 inches long
  • 1.5 inches in diameter
  • 3 inches long when a 25mm insert bit is used

An extendable and customizable multiple bit stubby screwdriver

6 insert bits are stored in the handle allowing you to have a pocket sized multi bit stubby screwdriver at the ready, for whatever job you will be working on.

The bit storage magazine firmly holds standard 1/4" hex insert bits. You can customize the bits to your liking or choose from multiple bit sets. A rare earth magnetic bit holder firmly holds the bits in place and makes changing bits easy.

A comfortable cushion grip stubby multi bit screwdriver

The Wiha SoftFinish® screwdriver grip concept allows you to achieve more torque than a standard one size fits all screwdriver handle in hard to reach, limited access areas. The ergonomic shape will help fight fatigue when using the tool repeatedly.

Our Friends at German Tool Reviews took an in depth look at the #38048 version.

Bit Sets Available

General Purpose Stubby Multi Bit Screwdriver bit sets

Slotted, Phillips, and Pozidriv bits Slotted, Phillips, and Square bits

Stubby Multi Bit Screwdrivers with Torx® Bits

Torx® bits

Stubby Multi Bit Screwdrivers with Hex Bits

Hex Inch bits Hex Metric bits

Wiha has other versions of Stubby screwdrivers for different applications and job types

What is your experience with Wiha Stubby Screwdrivers?

We have heard multiple reports and seen reviews of the Wiha stubby screwdrivers outperforming their competition.

What do you like or not like about your current stubby and what would you like to see in future Wiha stubby screwdrivers? Please comment below!