Wiha Wire Strippers

Now Introducing: Wiha Wire Strippers

On May 17th we released 6 models of Wire Strippers. These are the first Wiha Tools to be made in the USA of High Carbon Heat Treated Tool Steel.

Building the Excitement

Wire Strippers vote From May 1st to May 15th, we hosted a poll to determine which model of wire stripper we would offer a discount code for on top of the sale price. By a 17 vote lead, our #57810 Wire Stripper Pliers 7.25 was the winner! We're offering a 20% off discount with code "wirestrippersrelease2018" to receive the discount until Friday 5/18/18.


We selected a few Wiha Tool Testers to try out our Wire Strippers and see their initial reactions. https://instagram.com/p/BiqDpJJBfhZ/ https://instagram.com/p/BiqBZUgHwqm/ We're ecstatic to see these showing up on Instagram, YouTube, job sites, and tool bags.


In order to ensure you have the best viewing possible of the tools, we made 360 videos.
57810 Wire Stripper #57810 57812 Wire Stripper #57812 57814 Wire Stripper #57814 57816 Wire Stripper #57816 57818 Wire Stripper #57818 57820 Wire Stripper #57820


To provide a complete overview of the newest additions, we created a YouTube video.

Release Day!

Get your hands on your own set of Wiha Wire Strippers at www.wihatools.com.