Wiha Tools USA manages interactions across many social channels. We want to encourage engaging discussions and conversations with our audiences about how we can advance the tool industry and make tools that truly work for you. We want to answer your questions, listen to your feedback, and talk about the issues important to you, but we also need to have rules. To foster social communities that are open, honest yet respectful, we ask you to follow these specific Community Guidelines. If you do not, we reserve the right to delete or hide, without notice, any content that does not adhere to these guidelines. We may also block or ban users who violate these guidelines or otherwise abuse our online communities.

  • Be Respectful of the Community:​ ​Please be respectful when posting or leaving a comment on our social media pages. Do not use language that is lewd, vulgar, profane, obscene, defamatory, abusive, sexually explicit, racist, hateful, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Hate Speech will not be Tolerated. Do not use derogatory words, symbols, or images, including anything that could be considered discriminatory or a slur against any group of people or could be characterized as hate speech. 
  • No Harassment. Do not leave comments that could be construed as harassing or harmful to our community or the people who follow our pages. This includes repeatedly commenting with similar messages, sharing misinformation, commenting to promote a product, business, or idea.
  • Stay Safe and Smart:​ To protect yourself, never provide personal information you do not want to be public, such as account numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and other confidential information. This includes the personal information of others. Wiha Tools USA's social media accounts will never ask for your credit card information, never give that information away to anyone.
  • Relevant Discussion: ​Please keep comments relevant to Wiha Tools, the posted content, and the tool industry.
  • Responding to and Moderating Comments. We typically moderate and respond to comments within 24 hours. However, we respect our employees’ time away from the office. During weeknights, weekends, and holidays, we may not respond as quickly as we normally do during business hours.
  • Wiha Tools Team Members: Our social media pages are not the appropriate place to raise employment or business issues. To protect the privacy of our employees, and to abide by legal guidelines, we will not comment publicly on employment-related issues on our social media pages. If you do have concerns, please reach out directly via email.
  • User-generated content: In the spirit of celebrating our communities, we may feature user-generated content from time to time in our social feeds. So please know if you do post a comment, photo, or video on any of our social media pages, or tag Wiha Tools USA in your post, you give Wiha the right to use, copy, modify, delete, adapt, publish, translate, and distribute that content on our social or digital channels, without compensation to you (although we will always do our best to ask for your permission to use the content first). Please do not post any content to our pages that you do not wish Wiha to use.