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Typical Dimensional & Torque Specifications of TORX Tools

For use with Internal Socket Head Type TORX Screws

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P to P
Maximum Torque Range
T1.031.81mm.02 to .03 Nm
T2.036.93mm.07 to .09 Nm
T3.0461.10mm.14 to .18 Nm
T4.0501.28mm.22 to .28 Nm
T5.055"1.42 mm.43 to .51 Nm
T6.066"1.70 mm.75 to .9 Nm
T7.078"1.99 mm1.4 to 1.7 Nm
T8.090"2.31 mm2.2 to 2.6 Nm
T9.098"2.50 mm2.8 to 3.4 Nm
T10.107"2.74 mm3.7 to 4.5 Nm
T15.128"3.27 mm6.4 to 7.7 Nm
T20.151"3.86 mm10.5 to 12.7 Nm
T25.173"4.43 mm15.9 to 19 Nm
T27.195"4.99 mm22.5 to 26.9 Nm
T30.216"5.52 mm31.1 to 37.4 Nm
T40.260"6.65 mm54.1 to 65.1 Nm
T45.306"7.82 mm86 to 103.2 Nm
T50.346"8.83 mm132 to 158 Nm
T55.440"11.22 mm 218 to 256 Nm
T60.51913.25 mm 379 to 445 Nm
T70.61015.51 mm 630 t0 700 Nm
T80.69017.54 mm 943 to 1048 Nm
T90.78419.92 mm 1334 to 1483 Nm
T100.87122.13 mm 1843 to 2048 Nm