How the TORX PLUS Drive Works

3d TorxplusUnique, elliptically-based geometric configuration maximizes engagement between driver and fastener

True 0° drive angle virtually eliminates the radial forces that cause stress on fastener recesses with vertical walls

  • Allows increased seating torques while retaining current bit life spans

Large cross-sectional areas at lobes to maximize torque transfer and increase torsional strength

Higher torque removal capability than any other drive system

  • Helps minimize damage to boss during removal and reinsertion of the screw

Torx Side Walls


Vertical sidewalls completely enclose the driver tip, reducing tool slippage and virtually eliminating camout

  • Prevents damage to the fastener and surrounding surfaces, which often occurs with cross recess fasteners
  • Eliminates the debris camout can create, which can damage sensitive applications

Improved fit between fastener and tool minimizes wear on the drive bit

  • Drive bit life lengthened up to 12 times
  • Downtime and costs are reduced since significantly fewer drive bit changes are required

Compatible with TORX® Drive for field service (internal recess only)

  • Allows field service personnel to use existing TORX tools
  • In order to fully realize the assembly line benefits of the TORX PLUS design, TORX PLUS tooling is required