iTorque The digital & Adjustable Torque Limited Handle By Wiha

iTorque: The Digital & Adjustable Torque Limiting Handle By Wiha

What is 1.4 Newton Metres to inch pounds? Or I need to set this 20 inch pounds? How many torque cycles have I used with this handle? If you have to precisely fasten every screw for mission critical jobs or if you want to ensure that you are not over-tightening screws the Wiha iTorque Adjustable Torque screwdrivers are for you.

Gone are the days of having to having two separate torque screwdrivers for different systems of measurement. The iTorque adjustable torque screwdriver can display the exact torque setting in Inch Pounds or Newton Meters. The handle has an attachable micro bit adapter blade, bit holding adapter blade, square socket blade, and sized torque blades that will fit into the handle for your task.

Adjustable Torque

The iTorque handle has a button to power on and off the handle. The dial to adjust the torque spec needed is located on the back end and turns clockwise and counter-clockwise to meet designated torque. The small display shows you exactly what torque the handle is set at. Once you reach the desired torque, an audible "click" can be heard from the handle. The digital counter will keep track of how many times a faster has been torqued. Useful for meeting torque requirements and standards of calibration.

You can use Wiha's new torque calibration tool to verify that the handle is within an acceptable torque calibration range and if it needs to be recalibrated with Wiha's torque tool re-calibraition program.

Whether you are familiar with our iTorque line of torque limiting screwdriver style handles or not. There torque ranges are now 1 - 5 Newton Meters or 5 - 45 Inch pounds.

All iTorque handles are certified to ±6% accuracy and come with a certificate of accuracy. In addition, this smart handle also notifies you when it needs to be checked for accuracy.

A complete breakdown of our torque products can be found on our website here.

Torque Accessories

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All torque handles also require Warranty registration. Visit to register your tools.

However, if your handle comes out of calibration after 1 year of the purchase date Wiha Tools will replace your handle at a reduced cost to you. The Wiha Tools Torque Control Service Program is available to those who have purchased their handle directly from Wiha. For complete details on this program please visit or call 800-494-6104.

Would you give this digital torque tool a try? Let us know in the comments your thoughts!