NEC 110.14 (D) - Torquing Your Way To Compliance

NEC 110.14 (D) - Torquing Your Way To Compliance

The 2017 changes to the National Electrical Code 110.14 (D) states:

"NEC 110.14 (D) Installation. Where a tightening torque is indicated as a numeric value on equipment or in installation instructions provided by the manufacturer, a calibrated torque tool shall be used to achieve the indicated torque value, unless the equipment manufacturer has provided installation instructions for an alternative method of achieving the required torque."

In the case where an alternative method hasn't been provided, we offer two types of torque control handles, TorqueVario and TorqueFix. TorqueVario offers the ability the adjust and change the torque needed for your particular application, whereas TorqueFix handles arrive with a preset torque value.

Insulated Torque Options

Specifically for our Electricians and HVAC'ers, we offer insulated torque handles and blades. Our VDE Certified tools have been individually tested at 10,000 volts and are rated for 1,000 volts.

Our insulated torque options range from complete sets with SlimLine blades and adapters to single handles in adjustable values and standard.

Insulated Torque Handle in compliance with NEC 110.14 (D)
Insualted TorqueVario Handle to help to be in compliance with NEC 110.14 (D)

Insulated Heavy-Duty Ratcheting Torque

Our Insulated 3/8" Drive Ratcheting Torque Wrench Socket Sets offer a high level of insulated torque for heavy-duty applications. These are available as a handle alone or with insulated sockets and extension bars.

3/8" Drive Ratcheting Torque Wrench Metric Socket Set
Insulated Ratcheting Torque Wrench 1/4"

Non-Insulated Torque Tools


Our TorqueVario line offers a wide range of torque values from Inch Ounces to Inch Pounds. These handles are adjustable to the exact specs that the panels require as called out in NEC 110.14 (D).


Torque fix handles are available in EasyTorque and TorqueFix In/lbs and Nm. These handles are not adjustable. Utilizing an EasyTorque or TorqueFix handle works best in an environment where repetitive or consistent torque is needed.

NEC 110.14 (D)

For a complete breakdown of our Torque Tools, check out our Torque Tool offering breakdown to find the right tool for your application and to follow NEC 110.14 (D) guidelines.