MagicRing® Screw Holding L-Keys Might Actually Be Magic

MagicRing® Screw Holding L-Keys Might Actually Be Magic

Free From Frustration with Wiha’s Innovative Design

If you’ve ever had to install a hex screw into an area where only the hex key and screw could fit then you may have run into the problem: the screw falls out of the key on the way in. This can be a frustrating task if you don’t have the right tool in your kit. MagicRing® Screw Holding Hex Keys combat this exact issue.

Wiha Tools is all about innovating ways to make precision tasks more efficient. As the name implies, each MagicRing® Hex Key, also known as an L-Key, is outfitted with a hardened spring steel compression ring around the circumference of the ball end.

As the key is inserted into the hex fastener, the MagicRing® grips the inner head of the screw providing full radius contact and the compressional force necessary to keep the fastener and the key connected. This connection allows the user to insert the hex fastener into places that our fingers just can’t access, 30-degree working angles, and a free hand for work positioning.

Once the fastener has been threaded into place the MagicRing® L-Key can be disengaged with a simple pull.

Exclusive ErgoStar Holder

Accessing the MagicRing® Hex Keys is effortless with the ErgoStar Auto Opener exclusively from Wiha Tools. The holder allows for access to each key individually by rotating the largest key 90 degrees. This action rotates all the keys in the holder simultaneously, allowing you to select the needed key without delays turning keys out of the way. When finished, reinsert the key and fold the set back together.

  • A fast and simple removal of individual L-Keys
  • Rotate largest L-Key and all keys turn 90 degrees
  • No more delays turning Keys out of the way
  • Includes hang hole for convenient storage

As always, durability is a key feature.

Wiha Tools MagicRing® Screw Holding Hex Keys are among the most durable in the industry. They are made of Wiha special CVM steel, with a corrosion-protected vapor chrome finish, and are through-hardened for wear resistance. The long-arm of the keys are 15% to 20% longer, has precision CNC machined and chamfered ends, and the ball ends are outfitted with non-wearing spring steel retaining rings.

  • Uses non-wearing spring steel retaining ring
  • Corrosion protected vapor chromed finish
  • Long arms are 15 to 20% longer
  • Wiha special chrome-vanadium-molybdenum tool steel
  • Precision CNC machined and chamfered ends
  • No cut off burrs or impact distortions

You can work confidently knowing that whatever environment you work in, your Wiha Tools are made to last for generations.