Precision vs. PicoFinish Cover Image Wiha Tools USA

The Difference: Precision vs. PicoFinish from Wiha Tools

As the inventor of the modern day precision screwdriver, we pride ourselves on offering you the best of the best. The two styles available are similar in design and features, but it comes down to preference in your hand. We're breaking down Precision vs PicoFinish.

Precision Screwdrivers

Smaller Rotating Cap

The red cap on our precision drivers allows for free turning when pressure is applied with a finger. This allows for control when working in delicate environments or with fragile components.

Tapered Handle Shape

The tapered shape of the handle allows for rapid one handed turning and precise control by following the shape of your hand.

PicoFinish Screwdrivers

Larger Rotating Cap

The PicoFinish screwdrivers from Wiha offer a larger and free-turning cap. This offers the operator the ability to with one finger, apply pressure to their project and turn the driver with minimal effort. This cap is larger than the precision screwdriver and has the tip type and size printed on the top.

Collared Handle Shape

The PicoFinish handle shape offers a collar to choke up on when applying pressure to your work piece. Facets surround the driver offering a tactile grip in small turning increments.

Regardless of which style of precision driver you're using, if it's Wiha, you're getting a precision screwdriver made for professionals by professionals. Reach for Wiha Tools on your next project and never look back.