magnetize and demagnetize your work with Wiha Tools

Magnetize or Demagnetize Your Work With Wiha Tools

The tool that has the ability to revolutionize your tool game just got it's own video. This Wiha accessory magnetizes screwdriver blades quickly and effortlessly so that screws and small parts can be mounted much more easily. You can demagnetize the screwdriver again by pushing it through the steps several times until it is demagnetized. Check out the video below.


The biggest thing to keep in mind when using the magnetizer and demagnetizer is the speed at which you pass the screwdriver blade through the opening: slower is better. You'll see in the video that the best results come from controlling your speed. Slow and steady makes the screw stick or unstick. We recommend that you keep items that you wish to magnetize and demagnetize over 1.35" in length and 1/8" in diameter.

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