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Meet the Slimline Family

The Do-It-All family of insulated screwdrivers. Each handle is purpose-built with a unique feature and specific application, ensuring you always have the right tool for the job.

Wiha SlimLine Blades replace a set of insulated screwdrivers with a compact set of blades when paired with a blade holder and screwdriver handle. They work specifically with Wiha SlimLine blade holders and drivers. Slimline Blades can be paired with different combinations of handles to work in your application.

Wiha’s German designed screwdrivers are VDE Certified, meaning they’ll provide you with complete peace-of-mind up to 1,000 volts. Just another way Wiha tools work for you.


Small with maximum power, it gets everywhere


The optimal balance between power and control

Slim Holder

Holds blades securely


Clever, flexible, and saves space


Slim and precise with soft grip zone

SpeedE II

Fastens screws electrically up to 0.4 Nm, twice as quickly as by hand


Controlled power prevents material damage


Portable with built-in blade storage